Post tenebras lux

Competition. Housing building and post office



Post tenebras lux

The building is integrated into the urban islet, expressing its character in relation to the adjoining buildings by recesses which form terraces on both sides. This method of integration produces a twofold result : quality outside spaces for high apartments, and cornices aligned with those of neighbouring constructions, respecting both the volume and the silhouette of the roofs.

On the inner side, the use of a symmetric section is designed to be reversible in the event that no exception to the easement is possible, due to the precise arrangement of the easements and their distribution. The facade on the street side presents a specific rippling, linking the apartments by oblique perspectives which seek visual escapes from this narrow street in the direction of the Place de la Madeleine and the intersection with the Rue Verdaine. Its folds form an ornamental facade on a grand scale, animating this urban space in the same way as the oriels and balconies of the surrounding buildings, thus creating by analogy a link with the history of the place.
The creation of a facade in beige concrete is inspired by the physical constitution of the buildings around it : reinforcements, oriels, bedrock foundations and the Eglise de la Madeleine. Thus, the balustrades in black metalwork, the joinery of the bays and the blinds in wood also echo the architecture of the site.

group8, Post tenebras lux, Geneva, 2015


Housing and post office


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