Competition. Fribourg public transports new train station canopy

Bulle, Fribourg



The canopy is a series of cantilevered longitudinal plates in an overlapping arrangement. This system shelters the train station, ramp and bicycle shed, using a single constructional principle and the same layout logic. The differing heights of each plate are adapted to the surroundings and the roofing of the ramp is created by two plates on a scale with this part of the site.

The system allows for flexibility of operations. The project can be carried out in stages, roof section by roof section, so as to adapt to the various phases of development. On the inside, the simplicity of the static system and the clarity of the system of construction are apparent. The plates are supported by steel-concrete composite uprights. The plates are sheathed in wood and linked by metal bars. This constructional choice lends a feeling of lightness to the whole. The lower face of the plates has the appearance of a wooden construction with no surface covering and creates a warm and bright ambiance. The express intention of using obvious and proven constructional solutions is part of a desire for simplicity. The spacing between the different plates provides light without the need for glazing.

group8, Nautilus, Bulle, Fribourg, 2015


Transports publics fribourgeois (TPF)

Commission type

Shortlist competition

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